After building custom PC?

With the help of some members on this site I got this build
And I'm just wondering. After putting it all together and turning it on... What next? Do I just install the OS and I'm good? I've seen some videos where people say somthing about formatting a Raid? What all do I need to know about after its dome being set up. Thanks.
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  1. You don't have 2 hard drives, so you couldn't "format a RAID" if you wanted. (google RAID).

    Honestly, after you put it together, you double check all the connections, fire it up and see if it works! After than, install the OS and Run some benchmarks and temp/voltage monitoring to make sure everything is running well. After that, have fun!

    Did you already buy all those parts?
  2. No, but I'm going to buy them. Just want to make sure I know what I'm doing first.
  3. It's pretty solid build as is, but I bet if you dropped to an H77 board you could squeeze in an upgrade to a Radeon 7850 instead. It's about 25% faster, so a solid upgrade. You won't be using the overclocking features of a Z77 board anyway, with an i3 processor.

    And cases are largely down to personal taste, but I haven't been impressed with Cooler Master's Elite series myself. I bet you can find something a little nicer for the money.
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