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Hi all,

I've recently decided to build my own base unit but I've been out of the self build game for some time (on a lappy) and would really appreciate some thoughts. Atm I haven't got a GPU and im slightly concerned that I haven't got the right PSU. The list so far is:

I5-3750k (with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo)
Asus Sabertooth Z77
Corsair 16GB vengeance
128GB SSD Samsung 840 pro
(I'll be getting some more SSD drives in the future)

Zalman ZM500-GS (500w)

All within a Cooler Master HAF XB.

The aim of the build is to make a unit that's good for the next few years gaming (I.e. Rome total war 2, I love those games! :) ). My lappy was killed off by dust and heat and hopefully this won't happen to this unit. I'm not sure which GPU to go for but my budget is around £150 at a push £200.

Any thoughts on the build, a GPU or the PSU would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Hi iain79, I think you should get an Nvidia Gtx 660 or Amd Radeon 7850. The Gtx 660 is a bit better in games that you would want to play, but is more expensive. There is one on Newegg for as low as $219. The 7850 will cost you around $170. If you want something even cheaper than that go for a Gtx 650 ti. The PSU is fine and either graphics card would be stable on that PSU.
  2. +1^
    The HD 7850 would be the perfect card for your gaming interests. More powerfull than necessary for those games, but able to handle something a bit more demanding, should it come along. And withing your price range.

    A 1GB model will be fine for your games at 1920x1080 or less, but 2GB will give you some headroom for future gaming where greater textures are needed. You will be able to max out all settings.
  3. Thanks for your feedback guys :) good news for the PSU! I was looking at the Sapphire HD 7870 2GB ( ) @ £170 seems cheap for a sapphire and the kind of card it is! What you guys think?
  4. Hello again, I would go for the Amd 7870, it would play the games better than the ones i suggested you.
  5. Since you boosted your previous budget limit, by all means... go for the HD 7870 2GB. Sapphire makes very good cards. They are one of the premier AMD card manufacturers.
  6. Thanks for all your advice guys :) really appreciated! Yeah I was browsing amazon looking at the cards and saw it by accident! I thought it was better to spend an extra £20 or so now than not having the option later and having to upgrading early or something. :)

    Thanks again!
  7. I'm not familiar with that Zalman PSU you have. Is it a "true" 500W? The HD 7870 will require 161W at max power. That relates to ~13.5A on the +12V Rail(s). And it will require 2 x 6 pin PCIe power connections.

    Edit: I just did a bit more research, and it looks like your PSU will be sufficient for the HD 7870.
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