Corsair Dominator or XMS3

Hey guys,
my RAM just died i am suspecting, in retro spec i am considering buying the same type again

or should i get the

setup is
CPU: i7-930
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  1. Since you're using a triple channel kit, I'm assuming your Motherboard has 6 RAM slots. I would say to just go with the cheaper kit, you wont get any noticeable improvements by going with the more expensive, unless you are overclocking your RAM and want a lower CL.
  2. Thank you for your reply i will most likely just rebuy the smx3 just wish newegg or anyother store sold it for 3x4gbs
  3. yes but with 1600 timing
  4. Thank you for your help though i just bouyh the 3x2gb 1600 =)
  5. The difference between a 1333MHz 12Gb kit, and a 1600MHz 12Gb kit can only be seen on benchmarks, it's unnoticeable. but if you really want the 1600, this is one that is good...
    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 3 x 4Gb 1600MHz CL9 $95
    But again, the performance increase will not be noticeable. If you go down to 6Gb, most likely you will want more RAM in another couple years.
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