Can't see desktop or start menu, and can't open task bar

Sorry to start another thread, but for some reason the original thread wouldn't let me dd my comment. I'm having his identical problem. But I only have one user account and can't create a new one because I can't access the start menu. Is there any other way to create another account? Anyone have any suggestions?

markmarkmarkmark said:

Does anyone have a solution to this? I have exactly the same problem as thexsn3akyxn: I start up vista, then, for a short period of time, I can see my desktop. After a (very) short while, icons and task bar just seem to dissappear. All that is visible is the mouse. Crtl-alt-del functions, but when I ask for the task manager, it does not pop up.

The problem does not seem to be that explorer did not start properly. When I force a shut down of the system, both the desktop icons and the taskbar become visible right before the system shuts down, and i can see that the system has started up normally. It is indeed as if a veil is covering the desktop.

Starting up in safe mode is an option, and I have tried to clean the registry as suggested by several forums. Nothing I have tried so far, worked.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


okay so i figured out the solution..make sure you have Malwarebytes installed on your computer and log onto a secondary account on your computer that isn't the one you normally log on with. then run malwarebytes from that account and it should get rid of whatever was wrong with it. And Saga, the whole point is that neither of us could see anything no matter what we did, not even the task manager. it would be there when it shut down but that's the only time it was visible. Hope this helped (:
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  1. OK, so I managed to create a new account by starting in safe mode command prompt (the only safemode that doesn't automatically eboot before I an do anything)and starting exporer.

    Nw my problem is that I have no wireless or internet capability in the new account and can't update malwarebytes to run a sweep. Any ideas?
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