£900/$1400 Gaming PC thoughts.

I am new to building gaming PCs so I would like to ask for your opinions on my build. I have a budget of £900/$1400 and will be buying the parts from any suggested websites( I'll stick to popular websites with good customer reviews).


I have a 1080p monitor.

I would like to know if this would be good for the higher side of the graphic settings, if the build is good bang for my buck and anything else you guys think about it.

Thank you for reading and any replies who be appreciated :)
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  1. Fantastic PC for the money, I really think you will be fine with what you have. You're going to be able to max just about every game without a problem. The only thing I would change is that you do not need thermal paste, the CPU cooler comes with its own.
  2. You don't need a thermal compound, there will be one in package with cooler.
  3. very good build and nice psu selection!not all the coolers have thermal paste but the hyper evo does so you wont need one!
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