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Having problems showing correct storage amounts on my Drives I have 2 SSD's I just installed.

Agility 3 60gb 27gb/55gb (C:)
Samsung 840 120MB 71gb/99gb (A:)

Just relized I had them pluged in SATA2 slots so changing to sata3 not sure hats the issue. Anyways, when I goto o install a Game(World of Warcraft 22GB) It gives me a "not enough space" error when I select the Samsung drive. Nohign has been added to he (A:) drive yet is showing only 71GB available. I am not a super tech so I am not sure what step to take to try and resolve this.
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  1. A: and B: drive letters are reserved for Floppy Disk Drives only.
    Assign your Samsung 840 another drive letter (D: for example) and see if that resolves your problem.

    To change drive letters go into Windows Disk Management and right-click on the Samsung's partition; you should then see an option to change the drive letter.
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