Login Issue - sign in without facebook, etc... not working.

I click on Sign in ( not the one via facebook, because I hate facebook.) to log into the site.

Unfortunately for me I forgot my password.. so I reset my password, and updated my password saved in Firefox. This all went smoothly got the email.. came back changed my password, and Firefox updated my password save. I closed the tab, and relaunched this URL to Tom's hardware.

Get to the first page and notice I am not logged in. So I clicked on Sign in... ( not the one via facebook, remember I hate facebook.)and was expecting the site to quickly log me in with the saved credentials.

Instead the screen flashes that "clear/greyed out cover-screen" that blocks input on the screen but no text this time, just one small little "X" to close that out. So this is definitely an error of some kind. Firefox is updated to the latest.

So I cannot login to this site from the home page.
If I click on forums... it shows that I am logged in deeper into the forums. Which is confusing.
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  1. Is it doing this only in Firefox for you, or do other browsers work? Clear your cache is my first word of advice on this issue you are experiencing. Then, see if you can navigate to the main site tomshardware.com and login from there as per normal. If you are still having issues, please let me know and we can further diagnose and troubleshoot to narrow down the problem.
  2. Thanks, but I am not going to change browsers to view your website. The problem is with firefox browser... I haven't tested with Chrome. The cache was cleared.
  3. Hi deadfish,

    Could you provide a screenshot of your issue, so that we can better understand it? The URL on which you try to login might help as well. Is this from a forum page or from tomshardware.com homepage?
  4. I don't use facebook, google, or any other sign in media, and won't be using any. How to sign in directly?
  5. Hey there ifta,

    Simply use the regular "Sign in" option in the upper right-hand corner of the site, and the fields to enter your login information will pop up.

    Deadfish, were you by chance using the Google social sign-in? We had an issue with this briefly and had to require users to re-enter their login information if they had their previous session saved. If not, is the issue still occurring for you? The login for the Tom's Hardware main page (tomshardware.com) is the same as the login for the Forum area (tomshardware.com/forum/) so it should work for you on either.

    Let us know and we can help you get this resolved!

  6. Today it worked...( right side login from main page.) I'll see what happens on a day I forget my password.. or my passwords get flushed out of my browser randomly. I was going to sign in via google but.. it seemed like it just wanted to eat my email and all my contacts. No thanks.
  7. Okie doke. Keep us informed!
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