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Hope this is the right spot for this new thread:D

Ok i just switched from AT&T U-verse to Direct TV. I will also cancel my att internet as well. So i'm looking to go with comcast xfinity internet.
But instead of them charging me (I think) $6 dollars a month to rent their cable/wireless modem, i rather buy my own.

Now is it better to buy a cable modem that has built in wireless router or get them separately? I need a wireless router that will handle HD content with no problems ( a must) and universal with other cable or dish providers.

Now i don't know a lot about wireless routers or cable modems. But I would like to have some of the latest technologies, a good security (WPA/WPA2/PSK) and WEP.

I don't want to spend an arm and leg to buy one but i also don't want to buy something that is crap. Need something that will hold its own and not become a dinosaur after a yr or 2.

I prefer to have a modem that has a built in wireless router instead having 2 separate units. I assume it be more expensive to buy them separately.

I plan on buying the modem on amazon since i have a gift card. But if there is a better deal else wear say best buy then i will drop my credit card if need b.

I live in norcal (central area).

Any advise would be helpful:pt1cable:

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  1. Motorola SB6121 or SB6141 modem with a separate router. I use a Netgear WNR-3500L

    most all-in-one Modem/Routers have heat issues and the difference is about $25.
  2. Any other brands for Router with wifi built in that you guys can recommend? I'm looking to buy on amazon cause i have gift cards.
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