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Ok, so when i set up nvidia surround and placed the monitors in the right position, my task bar is on the middle screen which is what i want but my desktop icons are on the left screen. Is this something i have to manually move over or am i doing something wrong? Also how do I set it up so I can play games in full 5760x1200? For instance when I go into battlefield 3 it doesn't recognize my screen resolution. Can someone please help me? Thanks.
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  1. As for your icons, just drag them to where ever you want them. Assuming you don't have auto arrange on (right click desktop, click view and make sure auto arrange is not checked).

    Next, right click the desktop, go to Nvidia's control panel, and select "configure SLI, Surround, PhysX" under the 3D settings section on the left. You should see a 2D surround option there.

    That should make it available in BF3, if not, do a search, as I've seen plenty of benchmarks showing that it should be available.
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