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I changed my GPU to a HD7770 today and on first boot up worked great ran the disk and got my driver on and system worked well. Catalyst asked me to update from 12.4 to 13.1 so I did and half way through installing my computer blue screens. now everytime I reboot the screen freezes and flashes green and purple square and some other coloured lines randomly. From what I have looked up so far it seems to me like a driver issue but the only way I can even get to desktop is through safe mode. once I got it back to having 12.4 but ran the same update and I am back with the same issue, when I did have it work windows said that it changed some compatibility setting in for catalyst and when I restarted catalyst it seemed to work, how can I get back to this now???
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  1. I seemed to have fixed this.... somewhat... my card and computer is working but CCC is not running, I dont really want to start running it as it seems to be the reason for the issue, am I fine running like this? it runs games and works good. If i choose to run crossfire later on will this be an issue not having CCC running
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