New GPU upgrade, difficult spending $$ on video cards more than a year old.

Hey guys, well I'm looking for a GPU upgrade pretty soon. I'm currently running a little GTX 650 which works pretty well for games but usually at the lowest settings. I've upgraded the rest of my computer (practically built a brand new PC) and now I just need a new GFX and a case (plan to get 900D on release. waiting for it, hopefully soon).

I have a ton of games that I want to play but can't because they won't be as enjoyable if they look like console graphics.

The point is, I find it kind of hard to spend like $500 on a GTX 680 when it's more than a year old. Knowing that the 780 will outperform it and the 680 is over a year old.... (rumors of a smaller Titan?)

I would prefer a single GPU with the option to SLI later down the road. Maybe EVGA's Step-Up? A Titan is considerable but I'd have to wait until the middle/end of May. Any thoughts on paying a lot for a mid-range chip from Nvidia that's over a year old for the upgrade?
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  1. A 680 is not a mid-range chip. If you're willing to spend more than $300 for a case, why not go baller and SLI 3 Titans?
  2. if you want to spend that much on graphics, either do as Louis B said, and grab a Titan or two or three, or if you like your wallet a little, grad a 7970GHZ or two, these are faster than the GTX 680 anyway
  3. The Titan is too overpriced...
    Just crossfire two 7970 GHz, it will outperform the Titan and still you save about $200...

    Make sure your CPU/RAM doesn't bottleneck your games. Have at least a 3570k and 8GB of RAM.
    Make sure your PSU is at least 750w and has enough power connectors if you want such overkill graphics.

    If that is not powerful enough then get the 7990, which beats the 690 at a lower price. If you crossfire that thing...
    God bless you
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