ASUS A8N-SLI Chipset Fan Failure

After several months languishing in my loft I decided to see if it my PC was still working.

After power up I get the following warning:

*** Warning:Your Computer CHIP Fan Fail or speed too low***
You can also disable this warning message in SETUP

When I checked the fan wasn't moving. I am going to dust it but can I lubricate it as well in which case how?

I am wondering if it's due to the fact that the loft is cold and if leaving to "warm" up might help.

If I disable the warning in SETUP can I use the PC without doing any damage at least until I decide what to do.

I believe that replacing the fan isn't too onerous, if one is careful, and would welcome any advice on how to do that.

Is there an alternative to replacing the fan??

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  1. There may be other options, but I think your best bet is to replace the fan. Check newegg or Replacing it isn't very difficult. Check youtube for a tutorial, as it's easier to watch than for me to try to explain. I'm pretty sure you can replace the whole heatsync and fan for less that $20.
  2. Thanks I had more or less come to same conclusion.

    Found a seller in eBay who although based in USA ships to the UK, where I am, and sells the fan repair kit for low cost.

    Have now ordered same and should be with me in about 7 days.
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