My mobo is broken LGA 1366 repair or buy new (ivybridge or haswell)

I understand that this been answered multiple times, but I just need more reassuring for my specific case guys....

So 2 days ago, my X58 matx mobo's NB met its maker....

I need to purchase a replacement soon.... Here comes what I use it for...

1. Cpu intensive video editing, encoding software (my i7 920 struggles when I use complex avisynth scripts and smoothvideoproject [24 fps to 60 fps realtime conversion])
2. Gpu demanding game (my gpu is fine, my i7 920 is fine aswell for the games I use)
3. Manage over 6 tb worth of videos, movies across 4 hdd (I'm not sure how much stress that puts on the auto indexing and defragmenting software)
4. Rainmeter (custom ui software), steam, antivirus, other background software I use (my win 7 premium uses 95+ processes completely idle)

Now... I have got 3 choices

1. Get a very outdated x58 mobo from ebay for 200 usd
2. Get 2700k or 3770k with new mobo for 550 usd
3. Wait for haswell

What I'm debating:

1. I can just buy x58 and maybe upgrade to new chips like haswell or even newer ones in the future (conform waste of 200 usd since its very old design)

2. Buy 2700k or 3770k + mobo. If those can handle what I need my cpu for (my list of stuff I use my pc for) with ease I guess I can live with that eventhough I know there is no more upgrades in 3 months once new socket comes out. And I shouldn't worried so much about them breaking and not 1150 backwards compatible, since most cpu breaks in 3-4 yrs, by then, newer socket than 1150 will be out anyways.

3. Wait it out and see what kind of price haswell launched with. It might push 1155 price down very low due to it being older model, or very high... Since its now limited edition product... Or buy 1150 altogether

I know its very long read but please help me out guys.. Any opinion matterss
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  1. At the same speed you might see a 10% to 15% performance boost by moving from a 1st generation to a 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor. The move from the 2nd generation to the 3rd generation Intel Core processor might give you an additional 6% boost. So if you were just gaming I would say that you might not get enought of a performance boost to make it worth it right now (new X58 board vs. new board, 3rd generation Intel Core processors, and maybe some new RAM). If it were me I think I would try to find an inexpensive board and see if I could overclock the processor for 6 to 8 months and than get a new system.
  2. I agree with just finding a nice inexpensive X58 motherboard and waiting for a full blown upgrade.
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