Need to delete all drivers from windows 7 without booting

So long story short - i've bought a laptop with pre installed windows 8 and now want to boot my old PC's hdd with windows 7, but it has completely different drivers and therefore does not boot (gets blue screen at windows loading, same blue screen even at safe mode). So what i want to do is to delete all drivers like it would be a clean windows 7 installation, without having to delete my files on the hdd. My goal is to both boot windows 7 and keep the files.
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  1. It's not simply a driver issue - the problem is much more fundamental -- you are trying to load Windows on completely different hardware to that which existed when Windows 7 was installed on that drive, and Windows 7 will not tolerate that. The fact that it won't start even in Safe Mode proves that the problem is not simply driver-related.

    If you just want to extract data from the drive, buy an external enclosure for it which plugs into a USB port. Then you don't need to boot from it:
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