$400 maybe $500 to spend: Single or SLI/Crossfire video cards?

Ok as the title suggests, should i use the money to buy 2 cards and sli/cross fire them or just 1 card?

I know most people will prob say 1 card but ive always wanted to do SLI/Crossfire setup :D
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  1. I would say stick with one card you run into things in multi card setups that would make your money not as well spent. I would enter the market looking towards a 7970 or a 670 depending on what you fancy. For the stronger performance I would go with the 7970 + you get 2 of the most current games that are on everyone's minds Bioshock infinite and Crysis 3. On the flip side if you want to save a little and you have a smaller case then the 670 will do equally as good you just won't get the same games for free.
  2. sapphire 7970 ghz edition on superbiiz for like 415 bucks with a mail in rebate (with the free games)....i dont recommend getting 2 cards..mo cards mo problems
  3. Also, before I forget what does the rest of your system comprise of sir.

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