Looking for a decent monitor, need proper advice

Hi guys,

I have a Samsung XL2370 led monitor, which I thought was great. I got it for a very good price and I loved it, until I saw my brothers monitor, which is a Samsung SA350.

The colors on the SA350 just seem so much more vibrant and warm, and as a result games just look so much better than on mine... Colors on My XL2370 looks almost washed out, and when colors transition it looks like isobars on a weathermap... I was happy with my monitor, unfortunately my eyes cannot unsee what they have seen...

Anyway it's my birthday coming up, and I want a new monitor! Are there any decent TN panels out there, I mean is it worth getting a TN? Are there any more affordable IPS or mVA/pVA monitors that could be recommended to me?

I know it's difficult to recommend something without a budget, so I'm going to say $200 - $300 aud, I understand that monitors are something that will last a long time, and don't need to be replaced often, so I may be willing to go over that budget if it is going to net me a much better monitor.

I unfortunately don't know too much about monitors:-/ I just know TN = cheap,
IPS = good color, not so cheap VA = great color very expensive.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to your responses!
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  1. I am using the Benq GW2450HM. Bought it recently and I am very happy with it.

    It is cheap and cost me roughly $200 AUD. Go thru this review and then if you like it, check it out in a store: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/benq_gw2450hm.htm
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