Possible graphics card issue? Need help desperately

Hey guys,

Today when I came home from work, put on my computer, logged in, opened my browser and started to play music...perhaps 10 minutes later the music started stuttering (that almost robotic sound) and then my computer just restarted.

Since then, I can boot up, and when it gets to the windows animated logo screen, it goes black, restarts but doesn't display anything. I've no idea what's causing this. I opened my comp and cleaned it ( there was dust in there, but not much (cleaned my gtx 570 directcu II especially), still nothing. I only reformatted 3 days ago.

I've two monitors hooked up to my 570...

I did a system restore from my windows boot up, and when it restarted, I could get back into windows and login, but just as I opened my browser, the screen just went black, though it didn't restart. I tried rebooting again and now it's resorted to going back to what it was doing before the system restore.

I really need help as I'm a designer and I've deadlines coming up.

Thank you.
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  1. Can you please give me a bit more information regarding your system.

    System Specifications:
  2. CPU : 2500k.....ram: 8gb corsair dominator.....Motherboard: asus P8Z68 V-Pro......PSU: corsair GS800 watt........Case: corsair carbide 500R....HDD: internal 120 gb OCZ vertex plus SSD & an external 1TB WD Buffalo....Windows 7....1980x1080....nVidia GTX 570 direct cu II ....312 drivers ( can't remember the decimal point numbers.

    Another forum said that it doesn't sound like a GPU issue, but I'm fairly clueless about diagnosing hardware issues..

    Edit : Just did the memtest and it came back fine....
  3. with your ram did you go into your bios to set your timings if so have you tried running the ram dimms on default? also, are you overclocking any components?
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