dell ultrasharp 1080p 23" vs acer 1200p 24"?

trying to decide on a monitor, both seem good and i'm trying to decide between these or a cheaper monitor, like a cheaper 23" that's still pretty good, maybe one of the lg ips monitors
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  1. What is the purpose of the monitor? Neither have good response times, but that Acer would be painful for gaming.
  2. daily web browsing and gaming, I want a good gaming monitor to set up with my PC, currently I play on an HDTV and I miss having a desk and monitor setup
  3. Gaming with a 14ms response time is not good. 8ms isn't good, but it should be reasonable. The Dell's response time is much better for gaming.
  4. xvsanx said:

    Based on the spec's it is not bad. You may want to find a professional review. Some specs, like response time, are often inaccurate.
  5. the only reviews I can find are customer reviews on newegg for the LG 24EA53V-P monitor
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