For sale is EVGA GTX550ti it is the ti version as said it will come with same things as a new one original box pamphlets connectors and a 8gb flash drive with the newest driver.
It has been used for a couple of months about 3 months selling because getting rid of my computer its in good condition can run pretty much most games mid to high.

can run battlefield 3 at 30-40 fps at high settings lower aa
can run far cry 3 at 30-35 frames high not extra high no aa
can run arma 2 dayz mod at 50-60 frames highest no aa actual arma 2 at higher
and many more. not oc'd

It is for sale at a price of $65 us dollars+shipping can be negotiable minus 5 or 10 dollars max thought

Method of payment would be PAYPAL
NO WORLD SHIPPING US ONLY shiping from Houston, Texas 77072

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  1. what is the model number? 3556 or 3557?

  2. airdeano said:
    what is the model number? 3556 or 3557?


    it is 3556 fpb one with the 951MHz (vs. NV Ref. 900 Mhz)
    if bought it also will come with the warranty account from evga that will be done throught skype for a safe sale or if not throught skype email will do
  3. BUMP and price reduction
  4. BUMP price reduction really need to sell it
  5. i hate to ask but would you be willing to part with it for $47shipped? i know its a lil on the low side but its all i have in my paypal account, heh.. thanks
  6. PM sent .-
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