Installed Windows 7 on a new SSD, how do I retrieve my old setting from my HDD?

I just bought my first SSD and installed Windows 7. I previously had a 400GB HDD with my OS and all my programs and files. I don't know what to do use my old harddrive as my primary stoge space and really use the SSD for my OS and a select few programs. Ultimately I would like as many of, if not all of my settings, files, and programs back to what it was 2 hours ago before I began using the new SSD. Thank guys!!

p.s. I am sorry if this has already been covered in another thread. If it has and you know where, feel free to simply redirect me. Thanks again
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  1. Once you've changed the boot drive in your bios, you can delete the windows folder on your old drive if you want. You may want to wait a few days just to be sure the new OS is running properly. You will need to reinstall all your programs. During program installation, choose a location on whichever drive you want to use.

    Put programs you use often on the SSD for quick startup. Use the hard drive for programs you don't use often and for data storage.

    Also, I hope the SSD was the only drive connected to the motherboard at the time otherwise your boot loader is still most likely on the old drive. This won't be a problem until you decide to remove the old drive at which point you won't be able to boot any longer.
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