Can't decide between these two computers.

I'm looking at these 2 refurbished Dell XPS 8500. I have been using Macs for the last 5 years so I'm kinda out of the loop on PC's. Looking to upgrade for video editing and encoding videos from my GoPro Hd3 black. Right now it takes half a day to render a 20min video on my 2007 IMac or MacBook. I'd buy a Mac but the prices for an Intel I7 IMac is outrageous. Also been reading this site about building my own PC but building one with an I7 cost more than this these Dell XPS I'm looking at.

My first choice

Second choice
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  1. I dont see any difference between the two. They both have the same CPU, the sam amount of RAM, the same spec'd hard drive, I would get the first one because it has all of the specs listed so you know what you have inside of your PC, I think the second one was marked up in price to make you think what you are getting a deal but thats about it. Go with the first one, upgrade the PSU and get a better GPU as well. Generally for video editing you should go with an AMD GPU because you can get more in that area for a lower price, like a HD7850 or an HD7770.

    That build costs you $1075 with windows 8 Full version.

    It doesn't have peripherals, like a monitor/keyboard/mouse, and I didn't pick a sound card, you can spend anywhere from $20-100+ depending on what you want...but it will do all the video editing you ever need:

    CPU: AMD FX-8350
    CPU Cooler: CM Hyper TX3
    MoBo: MSI990FX
    RAM: G.skill 16GB DDR3-1600
    GPU: Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition
    HDD: Seagate 1 TB 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache

    If you're looking for more cost effective, I can do a build with enough rendering capability that scales down to around $500-600 without peripherals.
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