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I have a bit of a dilemma. My case, has integrated, raised standoffs, first off, the case comes with seperate standoffs so should I be using the built in bumps?. The problem is that it some of the standoffs don't match up with the motherboard. My mother board is a ASUS M5A97 R2.0 which is an ATX, my case is also ATX.

Also, there is a center post that is installed which slides through one of the center screw holes of the motherboard, should I use this to help guide me and then unscrew it after?

Here is a picture of the inside of the chassis: Case Standoffs

and here is that center screw: Center Screw

any help would be appreciated, as I don't want to short my board out.

First PC build, obviously.
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  1. Well where the screw is goes one of my standoffs so Ill install that. What should I do regarding the extra build in standoffs at the edge towards the right?
  2. if the standoffs do not match the holes in the mb , then the case is faulty[ or too cheaply built] and you should send it back

    ATX is a standard . Everything should fit

    I suggest you check again with the IO shield installed in the case
  3. The raised standoffs meet in the 5 mounting positions of the motherboard and a screw, which i can remove, through the middle mounting point, but there are 3 extra standoffs that are built in and raised. These are touching the back of the motherboard where no mounting points exist. Should I push them don't / bend them back?
  4. nothing can touch the back of the mb where its not meant to

    but do as I say and put the IO shield that came with the mb into the case . Press it in firmly and that will help determine if the mb is in the right place
  5. It is too high if I put standoffs on the raised standoff bits, doesn't match up with the i/o shield. Everything looks find apart from there are only six mounting points on my mainboard and 3 of the built in standoffs are touching the back of the mainboard. Because they are built in I can't remove them.
  6. The 3 build in, raised stand offs run down the right side of the motherboard, from top to bottom. I could possibly bend them back and wrap them in tape or something?
  7. Ive just had a look at a pic of your mb , and there are 9 mounting points
  8. sorry wrong board. I was looking at the EVO

    you do only have 6 mounting points on the board

    Hammer the raised stand offs in the case flat . Use something heavy behind then while you do it

    only 6, see the right side has no mounting points but on the case it has raised bumps running down that side.
  10. So those mounting points are legit standoffs? also, in the middle mounting point is a screw which is used to help mount it I guess. Should I remove the screw and insert the standoff that came with the case?

    Thanks for the help.
  11. yes they are legit. Most motherboards have another row of mounting holes . Just use the ones you have .

    In most cases where you'd fit brass standoffs it wouldnt be an issue , but you have to flatten the ones in your case that are not needed . They cant be left touching the back of the mb
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