Are APUs a good choice for everyday use and Adobe Photoshop?

I'm looking for parts for a computer for someone who would be using it for everyday use, Adobe Photoshop, and not to mention (if it even matters) that they aren't very good with turning off the PC at night (and they have a dusty house). Now my first choices were a 7750 + 3770 which would cost too much for the budget. So I'm thinking about using a quad core APU. The problem is that I'm not sure if it's fast enough particularly for Adobe Photoshop. I'm not asking about 7750 + 3770 vs a APU, I'm asking if anyone knows if an APU is fast enough. Also does anyone know how fast is a 3GHz quad core Piledriver vs a 3GHz quad core Ivy Bridge?
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  1. If you need an i7 (very quick) then stepping down to an apu is going to increase render times by approximately 70-80%. Both will run photoshop no problem but the i7 will be noticeably quicker.
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