EIDE 40 pin cable pinout

I have an 80 gig drive that is connected by an EIDI 40 pin cable (old computer circa 1999). Pin 40, labeled as ground, is bent and may break off if I attempt to straighten it. Can the drive function without this pin as many pins on the EIDE connector are labeled as ground.
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  1. Yes your hard drive will be alright, you said many pins are connected to ground, they are connected either on the drive or on the motherboard to ground.
  2. Aha! I was remiss in my assessment about pin 40. That is indeed a ground pin, but closer examination of the pinout diagrams reveals that pin 39 is the one that is bent on my drive interface (top row next to the key on the connector, are the odd numbered pins). Pin 39 the Active pin. It must be preserved.
  3. then your only choice is to try and straightenit. Shoud that fail any tech shop should be able to solder on a new connector.
  4. Again your hard drive will be alright because the pin 39 is just the active "LED".
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