Cant install Win7 on new RAID array

I just got a pair of plextor m3 pro 256gb hard drives. I put them into a raid array and went to install Win7 on them, and keep getting the error "Windows cannot be installed on this hardware". I previously had two OCZ Agility 3s in raid so I know they are on the correct mobo controller (unless plextor takes a different controller? ) and my BIOS is set to raid currently. Any thoughts?

Mobo: Asrock Extreme4 z77
SSDs: 2x Plextor M3P 1.04 Firmware on Intel Controllers
CPU: i5-3570k
GPU: 2x GTX 670s
RAM: 4x4 G Skill Ripjaws
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  1. Pre-install your RAID drivers and see if that will fix your problem.

    Download the file named Intel SATA Floppy Image (RST) ver: from your motherboard manufacturer's website:

    Unzip the file to a USB thumb drive and then follow Method 1, Steps 3 thru 6 from this link:
  2. ill give it a shot. Have to go get a USB drive first xD. lol
  3. If you don't want to buy a thumb drive you can also just burn the drivers to a CD or DVD (after you've unzipped them).
    Just swap your Windows installation disk for the CD/DVD right before you click "Load driver"; then swap back to continue O/S installation.
  4. So far I have gotten 32 bit ult to install perfectly fine. I'm attempting 64 bit again. Although when selecting the drivers it gives me a warning saying they are unsigned. It did this to me awhile back when I first ok installed on my oxz agilities. That problem fixedbitself though. Weird that it is reappearing with these m3p's
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