Latest GeForce Drivers causing Starcraft 2 to crash

The nvidia drivers might not be to blame, but the game ran fine last week, and the only major thing that's changed since then is that I updated to 314.22. I can make it to the launcher, press Play. The game tries to start up, goes as far as changing my cursor to the metallic blue SC one, then it experiences a fatal crash with an error message, telling me to send a report of what I was doing to Blizz.

At first I thought it was maybe my overclock or the background programs I had running, but I rebooted and shut down everything and it still crashes. I'm going to reinstall the whole game, but I wanted to know if anyone else who plays SC2 and who updated their drivers encountered anything similar.

I'm on Windows 7 64-bit, with a 128GB SSD and a PNY GTX 670 (stock, no overclocks).

Minecraft, Steam games, and Mechwarrior Online all run fine. So it seems to be isolated to SC2 (whatever it is...)

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  1. I downloaded 314.22 for my GTX 650 Ti PE/OC and I got same very disturbing results as well. I even went as far as using driver sweeper to clear out 314.07. Once I installed 314.22 and rebooted my Wireless Adapter (USB 2.0) started dropping signal every 60 seconds or so. I reinstalled the drivers for it (Asus USB-N13) but it kept dropping signal. I uninstalled and went back to 314.07 and have 0 issues, just like before.

    Edit: I also am on Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
  2. Little update. Most of my Steam games run, but the graphically intensive ones seem to also be on the fritz. Dead Space 1 and Warhammer 40K crash, and Mass Effect 1 just doesn't open. I clicked play in multiple ways and nothing happens.

  3. I would try rolling back to 314.07. Older and stable is better than up-to-date and buggy
  4. Disconcertingly... the roll back did nothing. I rebooted and everything. All of the games I mentioned still won't run.

    I'm going to run a few anti-virus scans. Then I'll try re-installing some of these games. I just hope I don't have to reinstall all of Steam... I'd rather not lose all of my saves.
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