My windows does not recognize the monitor

I see I am not the only one with this issue..
I got a new monitor last week, seems to work fine, but some photos on the interenet doesn't look as good as they should ( I have compared with other computers and monitors ) and I found out it's because my new monitor is still running on the defaul driver of windows.

In device manager, under Monitors it says
generic PnP Monitor

I have uninstalled all graphics drivers, reinstalled them and updated them,
tried to install the driver for the monitor ( Dell U2412M ) but since my system doesn't recognize the new monitor, it won't install the driver..

( graphics card is :Asus GT620 1GD 3 L....... )

What can I do.. : /

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  1. Try downloading and extracting the driver from
    Then in Device manager right click the PnP and update the driver. Point to the extracted folder.
  2. Did you go to the display settings and click the "detect" button?
  3. Hi :)

    As said you have to FORCE it to install the Dell driver from a folder...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Ok, this may seem a bit weird, but maybe it can be useful info. for some people.
    I did find a new driver for the monitor at the website of Dell, and the system recognize the monitor now.

    Basically, I have been having a problem for about half a year. Everytime I go to my facebook page to view photos at my gallery, many of them look bad, they have some weird "lines" or "pixelation" effect, if you imagine how photos look when you put a very low screen resolution. They looked really overcompressed.

    So, after having discovered that my facebook photos look fine on any other computer I used, at friend's house, shop + + , I was getting really annoyed and could not imagine what was wrong with my pc :??:
    I got a new pc a month ago, new monitor, checked drivers, checked graphics card, you name it..

    Then, yesterday the answer to the mystery came:
    my MOBILE internet connection is what made the photos online look so bad and overcompressed.
    I don't know if this is common sense, but I was speaking with 2 guys who are quite good with IT stuff, and it took them a while to realize this was the problem.. It also made it hard to figure out, cause the bad quality only appeared to some of the photos, while other photos looked perfect ( regardsless of size, quality, camera used etc etc. )
    I found it to be weird, but it seems that a 3G mobile connection often compressed photos and graphics even more than they do on a "normal" fixed internet connection.

    Anyways, I thank you for all replies, it's all helpful ! :)
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