How long do you think an amd fx-6300 cpu would serve in a budget gaming pc?

Bought the wrong motherboard off of newegg...only supports fx cpus up to 95w. Anyways, it's for a budget gaming pc, I'm wondering if a fx-6300 (best 95w cpu at the moment) would still manage to run games (at minimum settings of course) in about 4-5 years. It seems like a reasonable demand, after all, the pentium d's from 7 years ago seem to be the minimum requirement for all but the most demanding games right now.
Is amd still going to make new am3+ cpus for a few more years? That would kinda fix my problem.
I don't want to hear answers about returning the whole setup and buying a i3 or something like that, OK? I have my own reasons for buying amd.

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  1. dirtyferret said:

    Ha, so it looks like a fx-6300 is guaranteed to last as long as the next generation of consoles, probably 4-5 years. Given that amd will hopefully make am3+ cpus for a few more years yet, this rig could potentially last 7+ years!
  2. It depends on how high or low your expectations are. I still consider my Q9450 as a viable CPU for playing games. It is approaching its 5th "birthday".
  3. With a good gfx card, it will be a strong performer for quite awhile. One of my PCs is an "old" 3GHZ Athlon II X4 640 with a GTX 650ti SSC 2GB. IT can still play BF2 on Ultra at 1080p with smooth frame rates. (But it's better if I take it down a click for multuplayer.) The FX-6300 is much better than the AthII X4. And with six (pseudo) cores, the FX-6300 multithreads great too.
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