I bote this laptop the other day and its great except for the webcam i have tried everything all the drivers from acer on this model number and all i get is camera not found ive tried windows xp ,windows vista , and windows 7 and nothing seems to work for it its driving me crazy as i just sold my netbook witch had a working camera on it ... please noone direct me to the acer website as the drivers DO NOT work ive tried them all ... is there anything i can do or download for this too work ... any modded drivers .. it says on the cam that its crystal eye if that helps thankss
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  1. anyone ??
  2. Acer website is the place you will find all drivers for Acer products.

    If one model of drivers was not working, maybe you downloaded the wrong one.
  3. It's also possible that the webcam is faulty and therefore it's not detectable. Have a look in Device Manager. If there's no webcam listed under "Imaging Devices", and there are no "unknown devices" listed with a question-mark, the webcam itself is faulty/broken.
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