Looking for cooling upgrade suggestions?

I'm thinking about buying a few Corsair AF/SP series fans for my case.

Heres what my case supports: (NZXT Phantom 410)
FRONT, 2x120mm or 1 X 140mm (1x120mm included)
REAR, 1 X 120mm (included)
SIDE, 1 x 120mm or 1 x 140mm
TOP, 2 X 120/140mm (1 x 140mm included)
INTERIOR, 2 X 120mm

I Think I'm going to buy three fans (Front and Back) so I need to figure out which ones I should be buying. I want 2 120mm intakes and 1 120mm exhaust. Does this mean I need 2 SP120s for intake and 1 AF120 for exhaust? I'm not sure whether I should be purchasing quiet or performance editions either. My case has a built in fan controller as well.

If anybody has some cheaper alternative options I'm open to them.
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  1. I messed around with that case so much modded it out. In the end the nzxt 410 sucks IMO.

    Anyway. Those fans are clearly overpriced for what you want to do. spend more on fans then the case is worth lol!
  2. Yeah I was considering rebuilding in a different case but that still doesn't address the fan problem. This isn't a bad case by any means anyway.
  3. Exhaust is mostly on top i would go with the quiet fams if i were you the fn are loud
  4. I'm still looking for more people's opinions so if you're looking please give me your two cents. Not sure if I should be using either the performance or silent edition fans. My Phantom 410 has a fan controller.

    I might end up swapping the Phantom 410 for a Corsair 600t.
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