Is it safe to run my computer on a cheap 500w Power Supply?

Hey, recently I've been looking at getting a new power supply to power a HD7970 or HD8000 series (when it's released) graphics card, which I will be getting near the end of the year.

The Power Supply I concluded with after my search for a price : peformance PSU was a Seasonic M12II Bronze Series 850W.
Unfortunetly this one is out of stock and will not be available for another month and I cannot wait that long as I have no power supply to power my computer until then.

I'm left with these options:
- Buy a cheap power supply around $30, a 500w Aywun or 350w Coolermaster - and then use until I buy a good PSU (will either be a month later once in stock or months later around time I get my graphics card)
- Buy a 850W Corsair TX-850v2 for $10 more than the Seasonic M12II BUT it won't be modular

What do you think I should do?
If I do decide to temporarily buy a cheap power supply will it SAFELY power my build?, since there is no graphics card so won't be much power drawn from the PSU.

CPU: Intel i7 3770k 3.5ghz, 3.9ghz turbo (standard clocks)
RAM: 8gb Kingston 2x4GB 1333MHZ
HDD: Western Digital Caviar WD5000KS 500GB
MOBO: ASROCK Extreme 4 Z77
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  1. ivtecm said:
    ...a cheap power supply will it power my build?


    will it SAFELY power my build?


    SAFELY power my build?, since there is no graphics card


    Is there another modular PSU you would be willing to purchase? You don't need 850W to power this build unless you want to crossfire two 7970s.
  2. I would never run that CPU & mobo with a cheap PSU. Even if you go budget get a quality PSU for a few dollars more. And if you are going high end look at PCP&C 950 W. Goes for about $129 without discount and about $109 at discount.
  3. A cheap 500W PSU is a bad idea for the your card. Never ever skimp on your PSU as you it may cause serious problems in the near future. Go buy at least 80+ Bronze certified or at least certified with 80% efficiency, so you won't burn down your components.
  4. I'm not going to be running a graphics card with a cheap power supply. I'm going to buy a better power supply once it's in stock or when I get my graphics card.
    The reason I wanted to buy a cheap psu temporary is because I found a Seasonic M12-II 850w for only $200 and it's out of sock ATM. I either wait and get a cheap psu temporarily, or pay around $90 more for the equivalent PSU with a newer model.

    Everything is expensive in my country (New Zealand) as we don't have access to sites such as Newegg, etc.
  5. OK, I get your reason. but I still would not buy a cheap PSU. The reason is that you may get power spikes or fluctuations that kill the rest of the system while you wait. A quality PSU will keep, a cheapo will be a throw away and has the potential for many other problems.

    You don't need 850 W + to run a single card. You need that much wattage only if you plan to run in Xfire or SLI. Buy a quality PSU with over 600 W for your rig if you plan to run a single GPU. The extra wattage is a waste.

    I have a system running a 470 GTX (one of the most notorious power hogs) with a quality (Corsair TX) 650 W PS. As a single GPU it never had even a burp. It is only when I went to 2 X GTX 470 (god what a pair od power hogs) that I bumped the PSU to a 950 W PC Power & Cooling.

    Get a quality PSU, Seasonic, Corsair, PCP&C, Antec, OCZ, etc. A cheap PSU is a waste of money and can kill a system.
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