Assistance please. Window's 7 Black/Blue Screen Errors.

Hiyo folks, I understand that this issue has more than likely been solved for numerous other people, however I've searched through these forums for an extensive period of time in an attempt to find the solution to this system. Alas, I am at fault and am unable to find the solution provided, although some very similar ones have been posted.

In any event, here is the issue!
So, first off, the similar case, also I am on a desktop rather than laptop:

However, unlike the above case, mine does crash while playing large games like Starcraft 2, TES: Skyrim (with mods, which I believe is the root of all causes here but alas, I may be wrong.) In any event, like I hinted at, a lot of these issues started when I began to start modding Skyrim. The kicker here though, is the computer never actually blue/black screens whilst playing Skyrim. The game may randomly shut down, but that is more to deal with mods not working correctly.

In any event, the issue. Whenever I open Google Chrome my computer runs fine if Google Chrome is the only program open. However, once I open anything other than Google Chrome, within a random period of time, it varies greatly from around five to more than half an hour, my computer randomly will black/blue screen and then restart and get to the Asus Express Gate loading (or whatever that message is). Additionally, whilst playing Starcraft 2, my computer will randomly shut down and get to the same screen again, if it gets there at all. In addition it also occurs in Safe Mode too.

At first I thought it was a graphics card issue with a driver or some sort, so I re-installed the driver and all that good stuff. Then when it kept happening, I tested the card on a friends PC. No issues. I have run virus tests, malware tests, and all sorts of jazz over the course of the last week and they all turn up negative. I recently installed a new heat sync for the processor from thermaltake to replace my corroding liquid cooling and since the temp has been significantly lower than before so I hope it's not a temp error at least, my PC sits between 30-45 degrees Celsius, mostly depending on whether or not I am running a high-powered game for a while and if my window is open. I was also going to do a system restore to factory default however I am currently at school and I left my windows 7 install disk at home, so I am a bit apprehensive about trying to do that without it.

In addition, I forgot to mention, when playing Starcraft 2, SC2 will occasionally crash and come up with an error for either a faulty driver, or it will say I ran out of vram, which was confusing because when it happened it was the only program open and I had just turned on the computer for the first time that day.

Sorry for the wall of text :D, was just trying to supply as much information as I could, and here is the moment most of you will ask for :P my specs:

Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 560 GTX
CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 640 Processor 3.00 GHZ
OS: Windows 7 (obviously :P) 64-bit
MB: An Asus one, the model is hidden under my network card and I don't have the right screws so sorry, I'll post the make later.
HD: 1 tb, ATA Device, unfortunately I do not know the exact model
Manufactured at ibuypower and is a custom built. (I did the test thingy to determine if there were any errors in the hard drive and it came up negative, in fact the first time it did the black screen crash thing too.)

And again, sorry for posting what is probably a very repeated post and asking it.

And Thanks a bunch for any and all help provided!


I am a college student btw, so I won't be able to do anything expensive so if that's need just lemme know and I will be a sad panda. :P
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  1. Hi, I would start with a fresh Windows installation, if possible, if you haven't already.
  2. If this isn't bios setting for graphics card that is causing this there is something messed up in your windows system files and i would re-install windows asap. SC2 out of video memory is issue that started after 2.04 patch so you should look help from their forums, but still i would do fresh installation of windows.
  3. Alright, so I did a windows re-install. So good measure and simply to clear useless stuff off of my harddrive I reformatted it and all that good stuff so its clear now except for steam, firefox, chrome, and the necessary windows files. Drivers are all up to date. Everything worked dandy right up until I opened Google Chrome and steam. Then the same issue re-occurred. So, I get the feeling that there is something more specifically wrong with Google Chrome on my computer, or something hardware related.

    Also, thanks for the help from the prior to guys!
  4. alexoiu said:
    Try this one:
    If you uninstall Chrome, is it the same?

    'Kay, so I checked out the link, and no, I am not having that issue. What happens to mine, is that the entire screen goes black, no matter what page I am on, and I mean the ENTIRE screen. The VGA, DVI symbols for the video card will appear on the screen and then the computer will idle at the Asus Express Gate or whatever that message is at the beginning before the BIOS starts. I did however do a little digging and found my way to the System Event Log and I found something rather peculiar. Apparently the issue that occurs is a Level: Critical Kernel-Power error. Which to mean sounds like something is wrong with the power supply, but it only affects my computer when I open google chrome? Oo?
  5. This seems to be a big Google Chrome issue from last year which isn't properly fixed yet and there are huge amount of people complaining about this since last october. You should uninstall it and use Firefox or some other browser. That Kernel power error happened, because of that browser messing up your graphics card power options which isn't a good thing when your browser goes into low level system power options. Your PSU is just fine, but get rid of that browser.
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