Massive fps-drops in World of Warcraft.

Hey! :)

I read a post, by another person, who has the same issue as me while playing World of Warcraft.

Everytime I enter a 5-man dungeon or enter raids, I get a massive fps drop.
Sometimes I can top it with 15 running around in Stormwind (Playing on Silvermoon EU) - And while in 5-man dungeons it's 5-10. -- But in raid finder I get between 1-5 fps. On every boss fight I drop to 1-2 fps.

Anyway - I had a thought about either my cpu and motherboard can't handle the pressure. Maybe it's both and my ram included.

My current specs are:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 B55 3.30GHz
Motherboard: ASRock N68-VS3 FX
RAM: Corsair Vengeance® — 4GB Single Module DDR3 Memory Kit
GPU: Club3d Radeon HD 7770 1GB GDDR5
PSU: Some random 550W - Don't have the name on it, sorry :(

So - By reading the other thread, a new CPU would help him out. So my question is - Is it a new CPU I should have, or should get both CPU and motherboard? In either case, what kind(s) should I get?

- My budget is on about $150 or $200 tops - That's without a pair of ram included tho ^^

Hope you guys can help me out, since I haven't provided any test-results :(

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  1. Your PC is more than powerful enough for WOW. How's your internet connection?

    As a side note, do you play any other games? If so, how are they performing?
  2. WoW is pretty CPU intensive--particularly when it comes to loading raids and boss fights.
    I'd suspect your CPU, but the best way to tell is to monitor CPU usage either via task manager (if you have multiple monitors) or via a WoW plug-in.
  3. just something to think about if you have any add-ons mainly recount (think that is what it is call not one I ever use have been having some known problems with affecting frame rate
    even if you are not using it disabling all add-ons and testing to see how your system works in not a bad place to start
  4. I have a very similar rig to your, and I run WoW fine on High settings @ 1920x1080 resolution (40-60 FPS mostly). It only dips low, like 20-25 fps, in huge raid battles. Can you tell us what your resolution and graphics settings are in WoW? Have you tried lowering graphic settings? Disabled all WoW add-ons?
  5. Hey Guys - Sorry for not answering before.

    @Herr_Koos: I mainly play World of Warcraft, but I also play Diablo III, World of Tanks and Counter-Strike Global Offensive now and then. Neither Diablo III and WoT runs smooth on my pc.
    My connection is a tiny, but functioning 20/2 M/bit.

    @aramisathei: When I was looking in my task manager, both while playing and idling on desktop, I had an unsually CPU load. While playing it could go from 30-80% - And from 80 to 85-90% from one moment to another. But I also noticed my RAM and disc-usage. My RAM could be on 30% while playing and on desktop, and my harddrive would be at about 50%.

    I just want to mention that I've regularly scan my system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and also weekly with antivirus - Never found a thing.

    @mrfatbox: I am currently using Recount, and yes, many of my in-game friends claims it steals a lot of power from the cpu. However it never seemed to help with disabling it.

    @brett1042002: I ran with 800x600 resolution and every graphic setting on low, and still had major issues with the fps. In the new MoP city, there's loads of players, and I could have about 15 fps if I was Lucky, but I would drop to 1-5 in raids.

    --------------------- > However I'd like to say, that maybe my answers seems worthless now, but I got inspired to get a new CPU.

    After I changed my CPU I can run World of Warcraft on ultra settings and 1360x768 (on my tv) without troubles.
    Also Diablo III, World of Tanks and CS:GO runs on highest graphic settings.

    I would love to thank you all for helping me out, and I appreciate the time you took :)

    Kind regards,
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