I'm looking for the next addition to my build, what should it be?

What I have currently:
xfx radeon 5850
intel core i5 3.30 ghz
8 gb ram
650 watt PSU

I currently have eyefinity so I am looking to keep an ati card
and my motherboard supports LGA1155 sockets.

I am looking for what I need to add next
my budget

Or should I wait?
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  1. Get an SSD.
  2. allanitomwesh said:
    Get an SSD.

    may I ask why? they seem a bit pricey for such low storage.
  3. The reason is that an SSD will iprove speed on your system,giving it a "snappy" feel. You already have a capable system, and so an ssd would be the most 'worthwhile' update. All you need is enough to be your windows partition, I suggest 120/128GB. Good deals can be had on Agility 4 and Samsung 830 and they're no slouches.
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