I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS WRONG. Monitor is blacking out randomly. (w/ Video)

Here are my systems specs.
Intel I-5 3330
Intel boxdz77ga70k
600w thermaltake psu
12 gb ripjaw ram 2x4 and 2x2
Windows 7 ultimate
OCZ 128gb
750gb hdd
GTX 460

So my computer monitor keeps randomly flashing on and off and i have no idea what is cause this, can someone please tell me what may be going on?

here is a video to show you what exactly is happening
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  1. Have you tried just using your computer in-between the blackouts? They're only for a few seconds, so you could use that time to take a sip of water, or check your watch, or glance out the window, etc.

    Hope that helps.
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