1600 MHz RAM only runs at 1333 MHz?

Hey all,

I am building 4 PC's for my office to add some new life to the ancient P4 LGA 478 systems we're using now. 2 of them are i5 3470's, and 2 are i3-3220's. All have the same motherboard, hard drives, and 8 GB DDR3 RAM.

The i5's have Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 MHz, and the i3's have Kingston HyperX Blu 1333 MHz.

My issue is today after I built the first i5-spec PC, I booted it up and found the RAM is only reading at 1333 MHz despite it being 1600 MHz. I am not sure if there's a setting to tweak in the BIOS, but the motherboard and CPU both support that RAM speed? I have had this happen to me before on another build as well where the configuration supports 1600 MHz but only reads as 1333.

What gives? I paid extra for the faster RAM to go with the fast CPU. Is there anything that needs adjusting to get it to read at 1600?

BTW, the motherboard is an ASRock H77M.

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  1. Check the BIOS settings and see if you can set it manually.
  2. the default for almost every motherboard is for the memory to run at 1333 but like the guy above me said, just go into the bios and change it, not having used an asrock but reading about it the bios is typically easy to navigate. best
  3. Thanks for the help guys! I was able to figure it out. It was in the ASRock "OC Tweaker" menu under RAM XMP setting. It was set to auto (1333 MHz like you said), so I changed it to XMP 1.3 and voila! Next boot I got 1600!
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