How do I install Windows 7 onto SSD and use HDD as a Primary Drive?

I'm new to the custom computer scene and I just bought an SSD and a HDD. I have been trying to only install windows on the SSD and download everything else onto the HDD. Unfortunately, the SSD installs all program files and downloads onto my 60 GB SSD, resulting in a very small storage space. I have re-installed windows twice already with the hopes of solving my problem. How do I successfully go through the custom installation of Windows 7 with the SSD as a boot drive and the HDD as the primary drive for installations and downloads?!Please care to explain each step carefully to me as I do not fully understand "Computer Talk". If any extra information is needed I will edit the post as soon as I get a reply.
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  1. 1. Power off
    2. Unplug your HDD
    3. Install windows to the SDD
    4. Power off
    5. reconnect the HDD
    6. Start installing all your applications.

    For 'downloads', set your default download folder location to somewhere on the HDD. In Firefox, this is under "Options/General/Safe Files To..."

    For program installations, the default is almost always to the C (the SSD). Choose Custom or Advanced during the install, and you can choose where it goes. Some people create a folder on the HDD (E drive?) called Programs, and install everything under that to keep it all in one place.
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