Bioshock Infinite: Low-mid range pc vs console

Bioshock Infinite is getting some rave reviews and I intend to pick up a copy. I know my pc can destroy most games compared to my ps3, but my pc does not meet some of the recommended hardware requirements (graphics card) I have an AMD 4.2 ghz quad core with 8 gigs of ram and a saphire 6850. I know Bioshock is shockingly beautiful on pc, but will my pc be able to present a noticeable difference compared to my ps3, which infinite has been heavily optimized to run on.
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  1. I would say given the huge and I mean huge range of graphic options within Bioshock I would say you would be fine. Without knowing your exact cpu its hard to say but bioshock isn't terribly demanding. It uses nvidia physx not with the gpu but with the cpu so that is the only thing that I can think of that would slow you down.
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