MSI 7950 Twin Frozr vs Sapphire Vapor X 7950

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  1. Personally I would go with the Twin Frozr. I have had one before, and I loved it. Overclocked well, and ran nice and cool. Also, it is cheaper. (I have heard good things about vapor x too though.) Regardless, they are both good choices.
  2. Thanks for the help..I was expecting mroe people to answer though :(
  3. No problem! :) sry more people didn't respond. Could be the time of day...
  4. I'd say the vapor x is with the extra $20.
  5. Never ever go with Vapor-X. This card has the worst VRM cooling in history - it will just make You cry when You try to do some heavy OCing, it's lifespan is short and most of all it is always voltage locked. Don't do it to Yourself. Twin Frozr is quite loud but awesome performer.

    If You can - go for HIS IceQx2. If not Twin Frozr or Sapphire Dual X should be good.
  6. I heard the bad vram cooling vapor x's were the 6 pin and 8 pin versions. The new 8+8pin cards are suppose to have much better VRM cooling.
  7. 8+8pin vrm cooling is fixed
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