Haswell vs Ivy for League Of Legend?

Hi guys,
I'm trying to build a PC in a month or so, and I'm quiet confused on which one I should get over.

I have amd phenom x3 with noisy fan, getting 30fps on league of legend at the moment.

I was planning to set up a desktop with i5 3570k + no GPU, since League of Legend wont need any gpu to play the game.. Only going to play league of legends along with some programming/Visual studio in this computer.

Then, I realized that Haswell is coming soon on the 2nd of June.. Which has Intel HD4600 and less power consumption.

What would you guys do If you were in my situation?

Would you wait for 2 month or buy ivy now?

Thank you.
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  1. A10-5800k will do the job. Its cheaper and the performance ist better.
    The integrated gpus from intel are crap.

    What resolution do you have ?
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