Problems Accessing Win 7 shared folders/drives from XP Home Machine-what to try

I've had an XP Home machine accessing shares/shared folders and drives on a Windows 7 machine. I was playing around with the Workgroup / Homegroup settings on Windows 7 and changed the "Password protected sharing" option. I could see my shared folders on my XP Home machine, but could not read or write from/to them. It was driving me mad - because when I created a new user on the XP Home machine, and accessed my shares on the Win 7 machine, there were no problems - I could read and write files!

So I went back to my old (main) user account and I could still not access the shared files...

I tried all kinds of solutions - net use * /del and I tried deleting user accounts net user /delete - I tried to get rid of cached credentials - but nothing worked. Accessing the shares via an IP address DID work! Argggh!!

I tried setting the Workgroup on both machines to Workgroup (XP HOME machine was MSHOME)

Eventually what I had to do was change the COMPUTER NAME on my Windows 7 machine, rebooted, then accessed my shared folders from the XP HOME machine. It then asked me for a Logon user/password which I re-entered. However, I had paths and stuff which used my old computer name, so I then changed my Win 7 computer back to what it was originally. Alleluia! It worked - again I was asked for user/password and I could access my shares from XP HOME machine!

So, summary: there is some problem with cached credentials and no obvious way to delete them (nothing was shown in Network Password manager in the user account either). Therefore, Change your computer name temporarily and change it back and that could fix some issues.

I came across several similar issues on forums like these, but none the same as mine.
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  1. on the pc sharing the files (xp) click start , click the run box, type firewall.cpl
    click the exceptions tab, check the box for file and printer sharing.
    close those boxes. click start, right click on my computer and select properties, click the computer name tab, write down that name.
    go to the other pc, click start and type \\computername (replace computer name with the real name exactyly like you seen it on the other pc)
    this should open a box with all the shares, right click and select connect
  2. Have you created a workgroup and joined both machines to the workgroup?
  3. dbhosttexas said:
    Have you created a workgroup and joined both machines to the workgroup?

    I fixed my issue - as written above - I posted it in case it's useful for others.

    And yes... I tried playing around with firewalls, work groups etc - but isolated and proved the problem to be related to cached credentials on one user of the XP home machine.
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