Would this PC run Battlefeild 3 on ultra high with at least 60fps???

AMD A8-5600K Quad Core APU BLACK EDITION, Socket FM2, 3.6GHz

RAM / Memory
Latest 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR III 1333 MHz Premium system Memory

Operating System
Genuine Microsoft Windows 8 64Bit

JW Standard AMD A55 Chitset FM2 Socket Motherboard

Hard Drive
1000GB (1TB) Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive

Graphics Card
AMD Radeon Integrated graphics 2GB HD7560D (GPU Clock 760MHz) Requires 12GB RAM Upgrade

Sound Card
Integrated High Definition Audio Chipset

Optical Drive
Dual Layer DVD Rewriter - Supports Dual Layer (8.5GB) - Bundled With Nero Essential Burning Software

Aywun A1-101 Black Micro ATX case with 320W PSU

Sorry if some of this info is useless...im a bit of a newbie in this department....
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  1. You are not going to run BF3 on Ultra with integrated graphics. Probably not even on High. AMD's APU's are pretty decent but they are not that powerful.

    It may be better to get a CPU witout the on-board graphics and buy a discrete graphics card.
  2. You need to spend double to get a solid 60fps on BF3 even on high
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