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Hi everyone i want to build a new pc in about $500.I dont need monitor and A HDD as i have a hitachi 1tb,7200 rpm hdd.

Approximate purchase date:As soon as you guys suggest a good rig

Budget Range:$500

System Usage from most to least important:Gaming,Surfing and downloading.

Are you buying a monitor:NO

Parts to upgrade:all execpt hdd. I have this HDD:Hitachi HDD Please tell will the above hdd will work on my pc.

Do you need to buy OS:NO


Preferred website(s) for parts: Please suggest every component from here:Computer Components - Flipkart
this is my only website choice,here in india


SLI or Crossfire:No

Your monitor resolution:I have a 18.5" 1366 X 768 Monitor

And most importantly, why are you upgrading: Need a new pc

Additional comments:I am not going to overclock anythig so,motherboards and cpu which does not support overclocking will be totally fine.below is what i have thought about:

Cpu:3rd Gen Core i5 3450(rs:11395=$207)i5 3450

Motherboard:ASUS P8B75-M LX(rs:4147=$75)ASUS Motherboard

Memory:G.Skill NT DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) PC RAM (F3-1600C11S-4GNT)(rs:1755=$32)Memory

GPU:Gainward Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 1 GB GDDR5(rs:7500=$136)GPU

PSU:Corsair VS450 450 Watt PSU(rs:2555=$46)PSU

Optical Drive:LG GH24NS95 DVD Burner Internal Optical Drive(rs:1064=$20)DVD Burner

Total:Rs 28416($516)

I dont know how much watt psu is required.i thought 450 watt will be enough.
Also, what is difference between i5 3450 and i5 3470??
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  1. Buy 2x2gb memory
    Or 2x4 gb because they are cheap
    Buy a hd 7770

    450w is enough
    I5-3470 has i higher clock speed

    But i would buy a more powerfull gpu then a cpu..
    Gtx650 is kinda weak.
  2. @marcopolo123, thank you very much for answering..2X2 gb memory is not available online in india.
    Also i choose a fast cpu to make it future proof as i will not buy a new sys till 5 years.
    Btw, i think gtx 650 is ok for just 1366 X 768 resolution which my screen has.
    Also, is it worth upgrading the i5 3470 for that higher clock speed??
  3. Thanks for answer. Any suggestions about compatibility of all components?
  4. Evrything good
    You need a new case ?
  5. Yeah but i did not got cheap cases online which can fit my budget so buying it at local shop
    Btw, that asus mobo as gone out of stock any other suggestions which have same price?
  6. Thanks. Extra suggestions,if any will be helpful. Also,the processor which flipkart is selling(link which you posted) is boxed version or tray version? If it is boxed,will it come with a cpu cooler or i have to buy one.
  7. I am sure it comes with a cpu-cooler, otherwise they would mark it...
  8. Will this case:Case be ok for link of ASrock motherboard you posted before?
  9. Yes
  10. Ok i think everything is right.
    Is assembling everything myself is possible or it is complicated?(i have never assembled a pc myself)
    Thanks in advance for comments.
  11. You can find videos about how to do it ...
    For example this
  12. you need more sticks of ram,and a bigger screen around 22 inches at least!
  13. Thanks for the reply's
    @gennaios,i am already out of budget of $500. i can not upgrade anymore. try to lower the costs,if possible.A Big screen will have a greater resolution,so i have to buy a better GPU. i could not afford this
  14. i understand that but in real you dont need to take a high end gpu!gtx 650 require one 22inch screen!anyways these things can be upgraded!no pressure!
  15. You say that gtx 650 requires a 22" display does that mean that i cannot use it with a 18.5" monotor? Sorry for such dumb question! Also, i think that if i ever be able to buy a 22" monitor than with my gtx 650,i will not be able to get playable fps in games like bf3 as the resolution of 22"monitor will be 1920 X 1080 where gtx 650 struggles.
  16. Sure you can use it with a smaller monitor...
  17. Gennaios said:
    i understand that but in real you dont need to take a high end gpu!gtx 650 require one 22inch screen!anyways these things can be upgraded!no pressure!

    Are you joking ?
    Gtx 650 is a low-mid gpu
  18. every gpu can run in any monitor!gtx 650 is indedd a low mid gpu but i didnt mean to run at 1600x1200(the 22inch screen cant run 1920x1080)
    gtx 650 can handle 1600x1200 but thats not what i meant!getting a bigger screen will give you the opportunity for better display with more livery colors!thats what i meant also if am not wrong a friend of mine has one 5870 1gb vram running at 1600x1200 with not problem!
    gtx 650 to conclude can run at 1600x1200(22inch screen) with no lag!and no i am not joking!
  19. Oh ok
  20. -Deleted-
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