Adding -cpucount=4 To make things run faster?

Hey all, i have a few questions today.

Number 1, does adding -cpucount=4 to a target line of a game actually make it run any faster at all?.

Number 2, things seem to be lagging a little more latley.

Arma 2 Dayz mod usualy runs around 30 FPS upward anywhere, but latley im hitting lows of 18 ish, is there any way to find the problem?.
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  1. Adding the -cpucount=4 parameter to ARMA II does utilize your 4 cores and should improve performance.. As for number 2, it could be the server you're playing on and/or one of the beta updates having a negative effect on the games performance.. It's not unheard of.
  2. Would make somewhat more sense, i know that when servers start becoming full that really impacts how the game runs. Just got me a little bit weirded out, guild wars 2 runs at a low ish frame rate anyhow dependant on where i am, at the moment in the start of the asura race i can drop from 30 - 16 fps dependant on veiw and situation. But im all out of ideas on how to increase performance now.
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