Budget gaming computer , solved

Solved , thanks so much guys
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  1. so 600 or 850 of what currency?
  2. yasserBasha said:
    so 600 or 850 of what currency?

  3. For those that don't know the abbreviation, that's Singapore Dollar, which is around 0.8 of a U.S. Dollar, so we're looking at something that's kind of the equivalent of $500-$650 with about $50 in room to crack that ceiling in a pinch.

    However, someone with better knowledge of buying PCs online in Singapore will have to speak up first as I just don't know what you can get there and for what price. I know secondhand that the big places like Sim Lim Square are great places to get electronics, but I hardly know from here what those prices would be. With that budget, I'd be looking for something in the neighborhood of an FX-6300 with a no-nonsense motherboard, an HD 7790, 2x4 GB RAM, and one of the entry line Corsairs.
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