Help! PC is randomly freezing and putting the monitor to sleep!

I have a MSi motherboard, 16gb corsair ram, 1.5tb western digital hdd, 1gb graphics card, amd8350 processor, 4 fans.

The deal is this; the monitor will just go black and say "monitor is going to sleep". but my tower will stay powered with all the fans and lights running. the tower is unresponsive from this state, i cannot awaken it. it will happen at random times or when i clicked to play a game (all i have is skyrim). it was doing this on my old graphics card, on my old ram. those were replaced, so was the mobo. this still hasnt solved my problem. i was thinking maybe it could be software if its not that stuff so i tried to format another hdd with windows 7, it blacked out in mid installation. im so lost on what the deal is, i also have replaced the psu, and ive checked all the settings like people have recommended in similar cases, everything is set to never sleep, i dont think its really sleeping anyways, its like a frozen state and i think it is giving out no output and that is why the monitor is reading it as just saying "monitor is going to sleep". ive tried multiple graphics cards, tried plugging into the mobo, tried different ram, different psu, ive had different mobos. i have tried different software, also had my retailer replace my cpu. im entirely out of ideas here. so please help, please help.
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  1. MSI 760GM-P23 my motherboard model. my video card is made by HIS and is 5 stars on newegg, just dont remember the model.
  2. RUn memtest86 in boot! Its probably your RAM is damaged as mine.
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