Will a GTX 670/680 be able to keep up with Next gen console games?

Obviously there's no definite answer. Based on trends what do you think? I rather purchase my 670 today rather than wait for the 700 series. I heard the 700 series may have a new architecture.
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  1. Hell yes. And if you are that worried, just wait for next gen gpu coming out Q4-2013/Q1-2014.
  2. Thanks for the response. Actually I made a mistake on the title. What I meant to say if it would keep up With next gen games. I rather get it his week rather than wait. Il just wait for the 800 series. I know it hasn't been announced but I've heard some rumors speculating about DirectX 12. Any rumors about the 700 series using the system?Now that is worth waiting for. But if the 700 series will use the Pcle 3.0 slot there will be no problem to upgrade. Any news on that?

    I'm new to the PC building world so I'm trying to make the right choice. I know nothing is future proof but from what I know new DirectX is a big deal.
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