Add HDD to RAID 5 array without rebuild?

I have 3x 1TB HDDs in a raid5 array used for data storage only and want to add another hdd to expand the array. The array is managed by HighPoint RocketRAID 2640X4 SGL PCI-Express x4 SATA / SAS Controller Card. Can I add a 4th drive to the array and increase the storage capacity without deleting and creating a whole new array? I want to keep the data in the array, since I don't have enough space anywhere to back it up.
Is it dependent on the controller, or is every raid 5 not support expansion?
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  1. xOAT said:
    Is it dependent on the controller...?


    I have nothing good to say about HighPoint cards so to keep it short RTM or contact their support. And the best of luck to you!
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