i5 to i7 (Intel processor upgrade)

How much does it cost to upgrade a 3rd gen Intel core i5 processor to 3rd gen Intel core i7 processor, in a gaming desktop/tower?
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  1. It depends on what version of the i5 you have, and then it depends on what version of the i7 you want. It would probably cost you around 100$ bucks. Tell us what version you have and what version you want.
  2. If the upgrade is for gaming performance then it's a waste of money. An i5 3xxx is all you'll need for gaming.
  3. not worthwile updgrade at all from i5 to i7
  4. They're all correct! Now if you really need more performance you can buy a 6 core i7 for $600-$1000 which I'm not even sure that's compatible. Simple, if you want to upgrade it will be around $300 with around %10 performance increase.
  5. I would just wait to see what haswell brings (price/performance) then I would upgrade. +you don't really need a upgrade if your just gaming but hey it's your choice
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