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Hi, just a couple of days ago my external hard disk (1TB Samsung STORY) turned RAW. I've installed Revuca to recover my files but whenever I use it and select the drive which I want to recover, it asks me format my drive or it is inaccessible. I'm worried about my data as well. I'm not sure on how to use Recuva but do I have to format my RAW disk before I recover my files ? I'm confused, please help :) !
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  1. Don't be panic. you can try 001 file recovery software. You can see

    If above does not work, you may have to format the external hdd (use quick format), and then use above mentioned software to scan again the external hdd and recover your files.
  2. Don’t worry! As I know, your best bet is to restore your data back for free here with the help of data recovery freeware and then format this drive to fix this RAW problem.
    If this doesn’t make sense, as fahardc writes, you also could firstly format this drive and then run data recovery tool. But, this way may increase the difficulty of complete data recovery. You should prepare for disappointment.
    Actually, in your case, if you have a data backup, the data recovery process could be really simply. All you need to do is to format this drive directly and copy back the data form the backup drives.
    Therefore, from now on, always keep your important files backed up.
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